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activeT.R.A.C. was developed by W. Interactive in conjunction with Profit Tools, as a web based add-on to the industry leading Profit Tools logistics software.

activeT.R.A.C. allows you to make all of your Profit Tools data available to your customers on-line and in real time!  As soon as you make an update in Profit Tools, that data will be instantly available to your customers.  Clients can Track a shipment’s status, Report on historical data, be Alerted to changes, and stay Connected 24/7/365.

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With the release of version 1.6, activeTRAC now has some new capabilities:

  • We've added Bill To & Destination filtering by company

  • Image Type Filtering - we can limit which image types are displayed to your clients, preventing them from seeing crucial private information.

  • Customizable Data on Report & Shipment Screens - we can now customize what data is seen in reports and shipment screens on a per client basis.
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